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Our ultimate goal is to push our clients to their best ability, no matter what level they are at, and to never paint our client base with 1 brush and generalise them all.

Creating a personal connection and helping the clients reach their goals, whatever it may be, and creating a love for a healthy lifestyle will ultimately bring our happiness.


Functional Training Classes

This is the main focus of the gym, we feel it is the best-fit version of the training. Keeping you motivated with other like-minded people and helping you grow in confidence and fitness. The classes are between 45min and an hour long. All fitness levels are welcome, every class is different and has a variety of different levels of skill and fitness for each individual. This allows you to improve and grow at a better pace.

Online Training Programs

This is where we provide a workout via email on a pdf file that outlines the workout for the day and has a written description of the exercises and the flow of the workout. This is also accompanied by a video description of the workout and movements sent in a link on an email.


This is our yoga! Classes that are based on traditional yoga practices. Classes are done in the gym at various times.

Personal / Semi Training

This is where we make a program of specific exercises set for your body and goals. The trainer will take you through the session that we have designed for you. These sessions can be 30minutes or an hour long. We also provide semi-personal training sessions, where the trainer will go over the exercises with you and keep tabs with you but you are left to complete the program we have designed in your own time.

Diet / Healthy lifestyle

We run a very successful diet or healthy lifestyle program at the gym. It is designed to help aid the clients in reaching their goals as well as helping to educate the client on how to stay healthy in the future.

Speciality Programs

We have extensive knowledge of speciality population training and can also train these types of clients and or provide training programs for the following: clients with disabilities, strokes, even spinal cord damage. Our programs can also be used in the aid of rehabilitation of movement. We have proven track records and valuable data from trials we have run.

Your First Class is on Us

Join us to find out more and how fun exercise can be. Remember, there are no contracts, we have a month-to-month system.

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