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We are a Functional Training Gym based in Northcliff. We specialise in functional group classes.

We also offer one-on-one private personal training, boxing lessons and body conditioning classes.

Our aim is to help you “Push Your Limits and Change Your Life”, whether your goal is to just be healthier or become the next Iron man/woman. We focus on making you feel at home in the gym and as if you are one of our extended family members.

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Functional Training Classes

This is the main focus of the gym, we feel it is the best-fit version of the training. Keeping you motivated with other like-minded people and helping you grow in confidence and fitness. The classes are between 45min and an hour long. All fitness levels are welcome, every class is different and has a variety of different levels of skill and fitness for each individual. This allows you to improve and grow at a better pace.

Diet / Healthy lifestyle

We run a very successful diet or healthy lifestyle program at the gym. It is designed to help aid our clients in reaching their goals as well as helping to educate the client on how to stay healthy in the future.

Online Training Programs

This is where we provide a workout via email on a pdf file that outlines the workout for the day and has a written description of the exercises and the flow of the workout. This is also accompanied by a video description of the workout and movements sent in a link on email.


So, fitness and sport have always been a large part of my life. But for most of it, there was a decided lack of focus on specific training for sport, and rather let “talent” be the shining element. I have competed at a provincial level in both cricket and hockey, completed all the major cycle races in SA, done triathlons and completed 3 ultra marathons. As you near 40, training becomes a function of living and delaying the middle-age spread, and becomes a chore. I needed a change and a challenge. Along came a shift in the way that I approached fitness and training with Critical Fitness. Russell has an incredible gift with blending a fun element with goal-specific training. But more than that for me was a belief that he built in myself, that my body and mind could do more. He pushed gently, encouraged loudly, and guided professionally to coach a new discipline and enjoyment to do doing things in a gym, that I did not think possible. I’m still way off where I can and want to be, and no matter how good I get, there will always be further to go, more to do, and better levels to reach. That sounds a bit tedious, but the environment from both the members in the gym and the lead taken by Russell is magnetising. You want to go, you want to push, and you want to change your life. It is singularly the least intimidating place, that delivers change, enjoyment, a sense of belonging with an attitude that no matter your age or fitness, that you can do it!

Jeff Ostrom

We are a relatively active couple who enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with our family and run a business together.  Since joining Critical Fitness and being trained by Russell, we have not only dramatically increased our strength but also achieved a high level of fitness, lost weight and we are managing our stress better.  Brent was recovering from a knee injury when he joined Critical Fitness just over two years ago and now has much more mobility and is able to run again.  We love the classes – every day is different and challenging.  The friendly environment with limited numbers in each session makes us feel completely safe too.

Brent and Nikki Haddock

I have been training at Critical Fitness for just over a year now and thoroughly enjoy their training programme/s, the facilities they offer, and the culture of Critical Fitness Gym.

My past training regimen was predominantly CrossFit programming, but since I started Functional Training with Russell, I can highly recommend this type of training and facility to anyone who may be interested.”

Warren Green

Since I have joined Critical Fitness I have ignited my passion for exercise again. Surrounded by a community that cares and inspires each other, Russell has created a space where we can achieve our goals and have fun while doing so. Exercise is not a chore anymore but the highlight of my week.

Amy Morgan

Having always been an exercise enthusiast, functional training was something that put me off. I am happy to report that I was wrong. You just need the right place with the right coach. Whilst Critical fitness is more of a functional training gym, we learn all the best parts from all gym movements which makes the training varied and fun but still safe. Russell is the heart and soul of the gym and makes each session sweaty, challenging and filled with laughs! The gym is always buzzing and it feels like one big family when you are there! I have never felt better or stronger in my body and have made some lifelong friends along the way!

Tarryn Ostrom


Push your limits. Change your life.


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